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Massage In Chandigarh – Debunking Common Myths About Massage

Massage therapy is not a new field. It has a history of the practice of about 4000 years. Being such an old and ever-evolving practice, there are many misconceptions about it. Since these misconceptions lead to confusion or doubt about the massage. Here we are to debunk the common myths about massage.

Massage in Chandigarh – Top myths debunked:

Myth 1 – All massages are the same
This is a common myth which is passed among everyone. If you visit a body massage parlour Chandigarh then you will be greeted nicely and you will find that there are a variety of massage types available. They will offer a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, body to body massage, hot stone massage and so on.

Different types of massages are designed to target different areas of the body as well as different ailments. Hence, know that every massage is different in how it will treat the body. You have to explore the options of massage in Chandigarh and based on your specific needs you can choose the right massage for you.

Myth 2 – Massages hurt
You would have heard it if you were talking about getting a good massage in Chandigarh. But it’s important to understand that – no pain, no gain. The truth is that the normal massage will not hurt. Having some discomfort during the massage is common but it will not severely hurt you. If a particular movement hurts you badly, then you can tell to the therapist. They will reduce the pressure and provide gently stokes that will offer comfort to you.

Myth 3 – The effects of the massage are temporary
A massage therapist will offer a good massage so that you will feel the effects of it. The retrained muscles will remember how to reduce pain and stress on the body after a long massage session. Hence, having a good massage in Chandigarh regularly will help you get a great and healthy lifestyle. It will also be a lifesaver for many people who are suffering from chronic pain or stiffness.

Myth 4 – You should feel sore the next day after the massage at the body massage parlour Chandigarh or the massage didn’t work
Some people will feel sore the same day when they have a good massage at the parlour. Especially people think that they must feel sore the next day after the massage otherwise the massage has no effects on the body. But it’s not true. But people may feel a bit sore the next day especially when they opt for the deep tissue massage. Otherwise, it is common not to feel tender the day after getting a good massage and it’s not a sign of a failed massage.

Myth 5 – It will cause miscarriage in pregnant women
It was once believed that the massage will cause miscarriage or release hormones that will cause early labour. This was the main reason why people avoided massage at the body massage parlour Chandigarh. But it’s not true. In fact, the prenatal massage will help mothers-to-be to reduce their aches and pains, lower their stress hormones and allow them to get relaxed and pampered. But it’s always recommended to seek advice from the doctor before getting the massage.

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