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Looking For A Good Massage In Chandigarh? Know Why It’s Important

There are a fairly large number of techniques to offer our body a moment of relaxation and intense well-being, but have you ever heard of or experienced hot stone massage? If you enjoy relaxing spa days, you will definitely love this therapy.

It is a fairly new treatment, which was born in 1993 and has since revolutionized traditional massages and is becoming more and more practised in massage clinics, massage therapies, and spas. A hot stone massage in Chandigarh is combined with traditional therapeutic massage in Chandigarh, with the difference that, as the name suggests, it is applied with stones to the skin at different temperatures.

Read on and find out what this therapy is all about and what benefits the hot stones in this massage can have on your body and mind.

Why prefer a good massage in Chandigarh?

Massage especially the hot stone massage in Chandigarh has been popular for a few years now, as we saw earlier; however, the origin of the famous geothermal therapy can be found in an ancient oriental massage technique based on a discipline of the energies in our body.

During this massage, hot stones are used to relax the muscles and relieve body tension. The stones used are of volcanic origin and have a relaxing power thanks to the properties they possess.The stones must be heated to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (49 degrees Celsius) For this therapy to be more effective, hot and cold stones must be interspersed during the treatment to be optimal.

In most relaxation centres it is customary to place the hot stones along the spine so that the heat can reach these points and give us greater relaxation. Also, hot stones are placed on the abdomen, hands, and toes.This results in the dilation of blood and lymphatic vessels to stimulate blood circulation, which promotes almost immediate well-being and relaxation.

Here are the benefits you will get from hot stone massage in Chandigarh:

1. Reduces and relieves pain – By having direct contact with the energy points of our body, bone and muscle pain are reduced. Indeed, the massage is deep and will penetrate the muscles to relieve effectively.The temperature of the stones is essential, as it helps the tissues to relax and reduce contractures and spasms.

2. Helps fight stress – A hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing therapies available. The mind is dedicated to rest during the therapy and the massage stimulates specific areas to eliminate stress.

3. Improves blood circulation – Thanks to the improved circulation, you will have many visible aesthetic effects. Indeed, the hot stone massage stimulates the blood vessels and, as a result, revitalizes, oxygenates, and illuminates the skin.

4. Eliminate toxins from the body – The elimination of toxins helps to firm the tissues and make the skin healthier.

Massage in Chandigarh causes the muscle to release toxins. This is why it is recommended to drink water at the end of each therapy. By eliminating toxins, it strengthens the immune system and you avoid water retention in your body. It is ideal if you are on a weight loss diet.

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