Hot Stone Massage In Chandigarh

Why Get A Hot Stone Massage In Chandigarh?

Hot stone massage in Chandigarh also called geothermal therapy or “Stone therapy” consists of the use of softly rounded stones free of pores, previously heated for a relaxing massage.

The most appropriate is the volcanic basalt stones because due to their high density they conserve heat very well. The heat itself relaxes the muscles and induces relaxation and the hardness of the stone allows the massage to be deep; therefore very interesting in muscle contractures, stress, and various tensions.

The touch of the hot stone, with the smooth glide provided by the oil, can be sublime if it is also enriched with natural essences (aromatherapy) given its recognized therapeutic qualities, it is spectacular.

The use of hot stones dates back 2000 years, with different techniques on all continents. One of the theories of their origin states that it was the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome who began using them in Roman baths. Although there were also those who used them as protection and source of strength.

It was in 1993 when Mary Nelson created ‘La Stone Therapy’, the technique that served as the basis for the hot stone massages we know today. Since then it has evolved so much that it is now also applied in facials, pedicures, manicures, and many other therapies.

7 reasons to visit nude massage parlour in Chandigarh

It is one of the most relaxing treatments that exist. And if you still do not have the pleasure of having experienced one, here we give you five reasons to encourage you to enjoy it:

  1. It is a great solution to combat stress. The mind is dedicated to rest during the treatment and the massage works specific areas to eliminate it physically.
  2. By reducing stress, it improves the quality of sleep. Having a relaxed mind and body is the solution to not suffering from insomnia.
  3. Reduce muscle pain. The temperature of the stones helps the tissues relax to be better manipulated. If the nude massage parlour in Chandigarh is well done, contractures and spasms can be reduced.
  4. Improves circulation and energy flow. The stones are placed in specific places, known as energy centers or chakras to help everything flow better.
  5. Eliminates toxins from the body. The massage causes the muscles to release them, which is why they recommend drinking a lot of water at the end of the treatment, to get rid of them completely.
  6. Improves flexibility in joints. This results in increased mobility and movement.
  7. It’s calming. There are studies that prove its effectiveness against anxiety and depression.

How is a session?

Hot stone massage in Chandigarh can be used statically, dynamically performing massage maneuvers, or even combining both techniques.

In a static way, it covers more subtle aspects such as the stimulation of the chakras and meridians or the body’s energy points.

Dynamically for more physical aspects, such as stress elimination, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, or reducing muscle and joint pain.

It is applied in areas of muscle mass, avoiding joints and prominent bone areas: ankles, shins… However, the pressure exerted on the stone causes it to avoid the bone area, but it is of great help in inserting muscles to relieve tension.

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